UnRomantic Getaway: Part Three

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Description: It’s bright, and early at the vaca cabin, and Aaron Roberts spots his crush, hunky country chap Derek Shaw walk by. That Guy freshens up right quick, and heads outside to “accidentally” run into him. This Guy invites the super man back to the abode for coffee, but quickly cuts to the follow; so, a sexy and enormous smash session can ensue! And, dude hi, does it! The country knob slinger definitely does not frustrate! This Chab lifts the small gay teen like a feather and tosses him onto the daybed for some yummy tussling. Aaron then thanks him for the lift, with his expert face hole skills. Next, butch guy Derek pushes the beautiful chap back onto the sofa, to return the blowjob favour. Roberts can’t take it anymore. That Guy supplicates to take a spin on the large gayboy's large, bone. After an epic raw ride, Shaw stands, and delivers wang superbly, slamming each ounce of Aaron’s seed to the surface. The titanium top then unloads all over the boy’s beautiful face, and all is well with the world.
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