#helix: Corbin Colby and Sean Ford

Duration: 1min 20sec Views: 1 390 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: This edition of our hugely popular series #Helix is SUPER SIZED! Sean Ford and large dicked Corbin Colby are here answering questions submitted by their huge fans; and u boyz outdid yourselves this time! The questions AND answers are so sexy the lads are wrapped around every other from the begin! Snuggling and jerking off one one more as they talk about sex, music and anything in betwixt. The guys acquire real and answer anything with fantastic honesty. This naturally acquires 'em worked up, a slight tickle fight ensues and then...... full on, four alarm fire hung hotness! Corbin shows some twerking talent AND his glamorous nude gazoo. Beautiful pretty soon the one and the other guys bottoms are stripped and bent over for your fun. Colby can't resist and goes IN on Ford. Pandora's box is open from here on out and each lickable inch acquires tasted. Corbin's gigantic flawless ramrod mixed with Ford's bulky fuckable fanny sets fire the the screen. Colby cranks out schlong by the pound as this guy buries his boner BAREBACK, hitting Ford in places that guy's at no time felt in advance of. The crescendo cums when Colby copulates Ford in the air, leg muscles flexing as if that guy were created and pumped up for fucking. Sean's glamorous dong sucker opens wide as that guy lets loose his load. Then Colby's corpulent wang finds its way to Ford's face and unleashes it's wrath. Sean doesn't let one drop go to waste. Charming.
Channel: helix