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Description: After spending a little during the time that contemplating the busy streets outside his window cute skateboarder Gregor Gilead resolves to brave the crowds and head for the park with his board, and it's a fine thing that guy does also cuz within moments of his stroll in the sun this chab's encountering gracious and fit youthful Casper Ivarsson, quickly seeing an opportunity for some BoyFun. They already have a sport in common, one as well as the other carrying similar boards and seemingly one as well as the other on their way to the same skate park, but of course they not ever make it. Casper slides down a slight hill, which makes u wonder how that guy manages to move on wheels if his feet give him so much trouble. It's a valuable thing Gregor is there to suggest a little assistance and hardly any words are needed to persuade the dude to come back to his apartment and take his weight off his potentially bruised knee. It doesn't appear to be to matter that Casper is wearing shorts, they're pretty soon off so Gregor can receive a more excellent look at the invisible harm. Needless to say, the unbelievable ramrod bulge in Casper's underclothing is a much greater amount tempting sight and that guy in a short time has Gregor exploring it. Shirts are removed and Casper's outstanding unyielding legal age gay teenager wang is out for Gregor to take up with the tongue and engulf, a task this guy's greater amount than willing for and smth that guy clearly likes, his own knob is being wanked in his own fist during the time that that guy services his recent pal. The 2 juvenile dudes are equally well-endowed, a fact proven when their hard lengths meet for some mutual knob frotting, their foreskins sliding over their glistening tips whilst their warm shafts grind jointly. It's quite an blameless activity for a pair of insane guys like those, but be sure the frotting and engulfing is solely the begin. When Casper slurps his fresh buddy's tool his fingers try to find out Gregor's constricted pucker, exploring his gap and out of words suggesting that his 10-Pounder might feel precious inside it. Gregor can't possibly say no to such an suggest, pretty soon impaling his in nature's garb booty down on Casper's raw pecker, sliding up and down the soaked juicy length, jerking off himself off with each bounce. There's no doubt the boyz are pleased to have abandoned an afternoon of boarding in favour of raw gazoo fucking when Casper eases his bareback tool back inside Gregor's gap for some pummeling on his back, his wang pushing in and out of the warm and fleshy gap until that guy can't take any greater quantity joy. With groans of bliss this chab takes aim, willing to deliver a facial for his helpful recent ally, the smack and feel of gay teen ball cream on Gregor's chin and tongue making his own bulging boner spew out his own goo. It's unbelievable how quickly Casper recovered from his damage, but that's the vigour of hard juvenile penis for u!
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